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Dr Jeep

Each month the owner of USA 4X4, Tony Whitehead, takes us through the trials and tribulations at his "Jeep Hospital". Recently, Tony's TJ was the subject of a write up in this popular Jeep magazine.

"18 years to build, a few hours to write it up and I bet I still missed a few mods and tricks. It’s a great truck, simple, minimal electronic gizmos, customized to the hilt and one I’ll never sell. It will still be motoring around in another 18 years."

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New Product

Most cars of the 21st century use a drive-by-wire system to control the throttle body. Unfortunately, the drive-by-wire system causes subdued acceleration and throttle lag.

The Torque Tuner solves this problem by taking the signal from your pedal and varying it, eliminating throttle lag and changing the driving experience.

Torque Tuner has three modes; Sport, Sport+, and Eco mode. Each of which have six levels of adjustability. Sport mode is suited for enthusiast daily driving, Sport+ is for aggressive driving, and Eco Mode is for fuel consumption.

Only $495 inc GST & delivery


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